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It might even seem a little trite – to site ‘flexibility’ as a Word 2 Grow By, but when asked, Hugh Thomas, Founder, and CEO of Ugly Drinks – talked about why it is so key to being a successful CPG entrepreneur. You are going to hit a lot of roadblocks, setbacks, and seemingly overwhelming challenges – so you’d better be able to bend!

Welcome to Words 2 Grow By – where we take a look back at advice and counsel from interviews of leading CPG Founders and industry professionals who’ve appeared on the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast.

Of course, Hugh also had to throw into that the cultural challenges of launching and growing a brand in the UK and then bringing it to the United States. We talked in-depth about the difference in distribution and the retail scenes in both countries – and how he and his team work with that.

You can catch the original episode here:

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