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About the Community


Welcome to the NexxtLevel Brands Community!

The Community is here to help you and your team launch, grow and scale your food, beverage, health, beauty or small goods business.


We are here to serve you by providing education, experience, knowledge, networking and a working plan to follow, so you never have to sit and wonder, ‘What’s next…?”


Whether you have a challenge in your packaging – or your distribution – or trying to get your trademark?  All across the Community, there are professionals and resources to help you get whatever your

challenge is, defined and addressed.


The entrepreneurial journey we know can be lonely and a bit scary, so imagine being with a group of fellow founders – where you can share your hopes, fears and dreams – with people you know will understand because they are going through the same things – or have in their journey.


Why a Community approach? It’s pretty simple: it is a faster, more focused and less expensive way to learn about building a business – guaranteed.  It will also raise your chances of success and help you avoid the pitfalls of the unique CPG industry.  And, not to be overlooked, we are a great bunch of fun loving people!


Normally, to go into the marketplace and hire this level of expertise and experience would be unaffordable to almost all – or you might have to put people/firms/agencies on retainer – or perhaps invest a lot of money and time in a course or program.  With the ‘community’ approach, it allows you access what you need, when you need it – while still keeping the costs reasonable.

What do you get in The NexxtLevel Brands Community?

  1. Knowledge: What you need to know to grow. Lack of industry knowledge is one of the top 5 reasons CPG businesses fail. Here are some examples:

    • Ready-4-Retail. Our signature, 32-module course that provides the insights and knowledge to succeed as you are growing your brand and getting in-store and on-shelf!

    • Launch Pan, (almost done!) for those who have an idea but have not yet started on their journey.  What you need to consider, what steps in which order!

    • Webinars, on wide-ranging subjects such as, Pricing, Packaging, Distribution, E-Commerce

    • Zoom Ins – Conversations with Entrepreneurs who have gone before and experts on subjects including everything from Social Media to co-manufacturing to Food Safety

  2. Resources: Access to valuable resources, including, templates, worksheets and checklists. Links to Government and other services.

  3. Access to Experts: Talk to people in packaging, Co-packing, exporting

  4. Invitations: to special events, workshops, master classes and mastermind groups

  5. Networking: Meet others who are on the same entrepreneurial journey and those who have expertise that will help you bridge the gap from where you are now and where you want to be.


Coming Soon!!


Thanks for connecting with us!  We are getting ready for our formal launch and right now, we are working with our partners to deliver a world-class membership experience!


Please use the form below to be added to get more information as it is published and to be put on our waitlist (with no obligation, of course…).  We look forward to speaking with you shortly!!

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