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Coaching and Advising

For Steve & Debra, most of their work for the last few years has been in the area of advising, coaching and consulting to business owners and teams.  Debra’s background has encompassed all manner of entrepreneurial endeavors and small businesses, from packaged goods to tech to service industries.  Steve has mainly stayed in the food & beverage space, although he has also worked with supplements and health and wellness brands.


While we fully expect that the counsel and resources included in the NexxtLevel Brands Community should be more that sufficient to help you and your team build your business, we are also aware that there are times and circumstances where more focused and one-on-one work may be needed.


There are also some of you who are not looking for a broader-based ‘community’ support – but perhaps have a particular issue that you need professionals working on, to solve, in a time-sensitive manner and that’s another area that both Steve & Debra and other members of the Community can work with you on an individual basis.


Last, but not least, there may be opportunities with funding from your State or Federal agencies to hire NexxtLevel Brands to assist you in growing a manufacturing or agricultural enterprise.  Both Steve and Debra are former Small Business Administration SBDC Certified Advisors and work currently with the Idaho Dept. of Commerce, coaching smaller food processors.


The following pages will outline more specific areas where you can work directly with members of the team at NexxtLevel Brands!

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