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What you need to know to grow


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What We Are!

The NexxtLevel Brands Community was created to serve entrepreneurs and their teams as they launch, grow and scale their Consumer Packaged Goods businesses.

Through this association, the NLB Community can assist Founders and Team Members helping navigate the unfamiliar isles of the CPG world; working with you to help you reach your dreams.  Building it Faster, Smarter and with Confidence.  Giving you a better and deeper understanding of what you already know, and helping you learn what they don’t know that they don’t know.

We do this through education, networking, resources, access to fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts, milestones and a Brand Roadmap so you always know where you are going and what’s next. These tools help you to grow faster, at less expense and with a greater chance of success.

By providing education, coaching, resources, networking, planning and focus, CPG emerging brands can quickly and easily learn “What You Need to Know to Grow!”

Going Forward Faster!

Build Your Brand Faster, With Less Risk and Save $$$ Doing It!


Because you’ll know what’s coming and what to do next, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises and costly mistakes.  Learn from experts and fellow entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done that – and are more than willing to help you on your journey.


The NexxtLevel Brands Community provides both a platform and a forum to give you a  ‘graduate school’ in building a CPG business. All of the Courses, Classes and Workshops are aimed at logical ‘stages’ of growth so that you can zero in on “What You Need to Know to Grow’!

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"Steve is the go-to guy for branding and marketing in the CPG space. Incredibly approachable, Steve has years of experience and knows the ins and outs of the business. I had the opportunity to be part of Kitchen 2 Shelf, the program Steve and Debra created to help small food manufacturers take their product to market. The program is a must for all startups CPG companies."

—  Josh ,

Founder, Box Chocolates

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