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Words 2 Grow By

If you’ve been listening to the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Words 2 Grow By” – and that’s because the ‘words; phrases; topics’ that Steve’s guests wanted to share with their fellow entrepreneurs, now have a posting of their own.


Each week, at the end of the show, Steve has asked his guest to pass on some wisdom – in a very short form – to the audience. At the end of 2019, rather than saddle a poor guest to be on the show Christmas Eve; Steve and the Community Crew pulled a number of the most surprising and focused ‘words’ together and compiled them into a stand-alone episode.


This turned out to be very popular and many people wanted to listen to the entire original show because of it – so after many requests, NexxtLevel Brands created a new, weekly, posting on LinkedIn and Facebook –highlighting the ‘words’ and providing a link to the original broadcast.


You can find Words 2 Grow By every Wednesday on-line or feel free to come back here and visit your favorites – just the perfect dose of inspiration you need to keep crushing it!!

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