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Look At The Big Picture

You head into work –there’s 5 fires going, more P.O.’s, a hundred emails and you’ve got to make a delivery to the Market – all in an entrepreneur’s day… but remember, there is a longer view – and that view – can help you get through all the fires, orders and deliveries…

Welcome to Words 2 Grow By – where we take a look back at advice and counsel from interviews of leading CPG Founders and industry professionals who’ve appeared on the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast.

This advice came from my guest, Matthew Parry Parry of the The Good Crisp Company – and, ironically, I’m munching some as I type this!!! The distribution, the team and the product line have grown – and all way through, Matt has kept his eye on the larger picture – on the prize. He has a great story too…

You can catch the full interview here:

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