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At the core, this is what drives us. Makes us give up good jobs, vacations and even friends to ‘grow’ a business. It makes us what we are – and it also makes it fun – at least that’s what my podcast guest, Alex Bayer, Founder and CEO of Genius Juice talked about in one of early shows.

Welcome to Words 2 Grow By – where we take a look back at advice and counsel from interviews of leading CPG Founders and industry professionals who’ve appeared on the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast.

Alex and I had been talking about his story – which has simply mushroomed since he was on (Need an encore, Alex!!), but I could tell that he had the focus, determination and yes, the ‘passion’ to create not just a great product offering, but a great ‘brand’. It’s worth a listen!

You can catch the original episode here:

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