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No sitting around, singing ‘Kumbaya’ here!!! One of the best of our early shows –is in fact, an episode I still refer people to today – for advice on how to build a CPG Brand. The financial counsel came from Jim Simon, Founder and CEO of JiMMYBAR!, still one of the hottest growing energy and snack bars in the category!

Welcome to Words 2 Grow By – where we take a look back at advice and counsel from interviews of leading CPG Founders and industry professionals who’ve appeared on the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast.

One of the great tactics that Jim used to build his business was to go after an alternate channel strategy – and it worked. But he also was very direct about that fact that if you are going to grow a CPG, you will need access to capital and lots of it – be sure to take a listen!

You can catch the full interview here:

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